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5 Enemies of Healthy Lifestyle

Life has its own rules of health, and whenever someone breaks those rules, health issues occur, and also many other adversities happen. Sometimes we know where we are going wrong, and sometimes we do not know. Whatever the case is, the important thing is to know about the poor habits to know about the mistakes on time and their effect.

Here are 5 poor lifestyle habits that derail your health safety and can also cause stress.

  1. Less or No Exercise

For centuries we know how even the simplest routine of exercise can help us change things positively. However, unfortunately, we miss to follow that in reality and keep giving excuses to remain away from it.

      • Without exercise, our mind and body cannot experience proper blood circulation. It is, in turn, makes them lazy, and they perform poorly.
      • It can make us fat; most of the people with obesity issue get the suggestion of regular exercise and those who follow survive easily with good health.
      • Doing no exercise also reduces the life span. Due to the lack of physical activity, our body parts do not get into the habit of working for many years.

  1. Not Reducing Screen Time on Electronic Devices

Excessive use of mobile, laptop, computer, television is among the biggest lifestyle issues. Nowadays, people do not even know how to talk to people in reality. Their interaction with other humans is only through a screen. But this cannot work in the long run.

      • Long hours of exposure to electronic devices cause harm to our eyes, creating eye-sight issues.
      • It causes sleeplessness, which in turn can kill appetite, causing more issues for health.
      • We fail to focus on one thing because we normally do many things together on mobile.
  1. Wrong Financial Behavior

Yes, our financial behavior is also part of our lifestyle. In fact, money is the most critical factor in the modern human world. People who fail to manage their money smartly, because that brings many other materialistic issues.

      • Taking multiple debts for every small and big desire causes stress in financial life. Many installments, volatile interest rates, the result is, our needs have to compromise.
      • Lack of responsible borrowing behavior, getting into the greed of misguiding offers. If you are applying for online loans in Ireland for the low-interest rate feature, it is fine. However, if you are taking it due to some offers on repayment plans, it is of no use without any need.
      • Many cases tell how financial frustration became the cause of breaking relationships. Look around, and you will find many examples. Maybe your own life is an example of this.
  1. Inadequate Water Intake

Since childhood, we know that 70% of our body contains water. Just imagine how important is water for us. Unfortunately, due to our busy life or our personal bad habits, we do not drink water amply. Sometimes we make resolutions and start drinking water but the short life of these resolutions brings us back to bad habits.

      • Not drinking sufficient water causes recurring headaches because our body parts find it challenging to perform due to lack of water.
      • Water is also good for the lubrication of body joints. It is usually advisable to drink lukewarm water because it keeps the joints soft and can walk easily even during old age.
      • Water is also necessary for digestion. But you need to drink water regularly as the body needs the fuel daily.

  1. Skipping Breakfast Regularly

Skipping breakfast once or maximum twice in a month can be manageable for the body, but you need to think again if you do it daily. Breakfast (as we all know) is the first and the foremost meal of the day.

      • Never skip your breakfast. If you are reading this post in the morning, make sure you read it with at least a toast and tea/milk.
      • Sometimes people feel lazy to cook because they listen that breakfast should be lavish and heavy and whatnot. This causes a negative effect, and they prefer even to take it.
      • Fix a time and eat something, and gradually that will become your habit. You will never be able to skip it because you will feel hungry.

The above points explain where we make a mistake and where do we need to improve. From a small habit to our daily routine, everything represents our lifestyle. You know what; it is not rocket science to improve things we just need to keep adding little effort every day. Do not make things complicated; try to follow a routine that is healthy and easy to follow. Sometimes people sense a huge bunch of complicated routine habits in the name of lifestyle improvement. But the positive change actually resides in small things. 

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