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5 Reasons to Wear Medical Scrubs as Uniforms

Physicians, nurses, surgeons, and other medical personnel wear sanitary clothing – scrubs – to work. While scrubs were initially made for surgeons to wear during surgery to have sanitized and sterilized clothing, eventually, sanitary clothing became mandatory for all medical personnel in hospitals, infirmaries, aged-care facilities, and other medical facilities. Aside from offering comfort and a wide range of motion, scrubs are an ideal uniform choice for several reasons.

Offer needed comfort

Working as a doctor entails many hours of standing, walking, and physical activity. The last thing you need is to think about a constrictive outfit when you need to make life-saving decisions. So, scrubs offer the needed comfort and allow doctors to walk, run and move freely without thinking about how their clothes look. In scrubs, a doctor or a nurse always looks put together and ready to tackle another medical emergency.

Differentiate medical departments

Have you noticed that there are several colors of scrubs? While some doctors wear green uniforms, others can be found in navy blue, maroon, white, or teal. One of the reasons scrubs are a perfect choice is that they help hospital employees differentiate the medical department each doctor works at. By looking at the uniform color, you can distinguish a pediatrician from a surgeon and a nurse resident from a nurse.

Reducing cross-contamination

The number one function of scrubs has sanitation. When looking for high-quality medical scrubs, you’ll want those made from thick fabric. That way, a medical practitioner’s body is safe from bodily fluids. Aside from getting in contact with bodily fluids, a doctor or a nurse also needs to think about reducing exposure to viruses and bacteria by protecting themselves with an appropriate uniform. It’s crucial to wear scrubs at the hospital and then change to your everyday clothes once work finishes to prevent cross-contamination during a commute or while running errands after your shift. You don’t want other people exposed to bacteria and viruses, so wearing scrubs is of the essence for medical practitioners.

Scrubs are highly functional.

Another reason you should wear scrubs if working at a medical facility is functionality. Namely, scrubs feature a design that helps you move freely while offering plenty of pockets for all those essentials every doctor needs. From pens to notepads and flashlights, doctors need several items within arm’s reach to make their job more efficient and thorough.

Economically efficient uniform

Do you have any idea how much money you’d spend on new clothes if you wore your regular wardrobe to work at a hospital? Over several hundreds of dollars a month, without a doubt. Some stains would need to be dry cleaned, while others would not be able to come out. Consequently, you’d need new clothes that wouldn’t last nearly as long as scrubs. Scrubs made of high-quality fabrics can withstand plenty of wear and tear, clean nicely, and wick off fluids from your body. Considering they’re designed for maximum use and cost efficiency, you’ll only have to buy a set of scrubs once and not worry about investing in a new one for some time.

Wearing scrubs is beneficial for several reasons. Not only do they offer comfort and a wide range of movement, but scrubs also don’t cost a fortune and will last you much longer than regular clothes. When medical practitioners wear scrubs in different colors, patients and doctors can differentiate the medical departments doctors belong to without any fuss. Less confusion makes for a more organized medical facility offering exceptional medical care to all patients.

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