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5 Tips To Improve Patient Experience With Kareo EMR During COVID-19

In the last two years, the world has been at a standstill due to a global pandemic. Things are changing, and this includes both doctors and patients. More than ever, practitioners need to be conscious of the patient experience at this time. That is why, in this Kareo EMR review, we’ll be talking about how you can improve the overall patient experience.

The Impact of COVID-19 On Patient Experiences

Since the beginning of this year, the number of COVID-19 cases has gone down. However, the impact of the pandemic is far from over. This is particularly true for the healthcare workers who were on the frontline of the fight against the disease.

In this time, the providers have been so busy fighting disease; they may have forgotten about the need to value patient experiences. The patient experience is a big part of what works in your practice. Bad experiences can be costly for you – you can lose patients and gain a bad reputation amongst others.

There are a lot of challenges affecting patients at the moment. For one, during this global medical event, many people are still not covered for healthcare or have a primary doctor. Plus, now more and more patients have access to the internet. Here, they can access tools that give them the knowledge that can be used for self-diagnosis.

Therefore, when patients do come into the clinic, there is a huge responsibility on the physicians. It is important to build a bond based on trust that can be sustainable. It is also important not to validate the fears patients can have while visiting the doctor. Without a satisfying experience, more and more patients may consider going a futile effort.

In this Kareo EMR review, we will show you how you can use the software, and a couple of tips, to improve the patient experience. The software can prove to be a useful tool to work through issues you may be having with connecting to patients.

5 Ways to Improve Patient Experience

Here’s how we’d recommend you work on patient experiences in our Kareo EMR review.

Treat Patients Like People

Patients don’t want to be treated like just another file you need to check during the day. Creating positive and healthy experiences with patients starts by seeing their humanity. This also involves a level of sensitivity to their lives, experiences, and feelings.

Ultimately, what a patient wants from their doctor is to be included, understood, and heard. They want to know that the doctor knows the context surrounding the issues they are facing. They also want to know that the doctor will take the issues in their lives into account when suggesting treatment.

It is important for doctors to be conscious of these factors. What kind of factors is affecting patients? For example, they may not have access to a lot of mobility. They may not have the means to afford a particularly healthy lifestyle, and so on.

When a doctor brings these factors into consideration, they can give better treatment options to patients. And, there is then a greater chance that patients will stick to the plan offered and come back for another visit.

It also helps if the physician shows that they care with their body language and speech. For example, talking to a doctor who looks into their eyes directly is likely to make patients feel more comfortable.

Communicate Honestly With Patients

Common complaints patients can have during hospital visits is that doctors do not explain their diagnosis properly. It is important that practitioners understand that patients do not have the medical knowledge that they do. That is why constantly communicating and checking in with the patient can do wonders for patient experience building.

It is almost just as vital for practices to invest time in keeping patients up with the technology that they use. This is where the software you use becomes important as well. When you use software like Kareo, you can be assured that the navigation is easy and adaptable for patients. This is exactly what has garnered such positive Kareo EMR reviews.

You can start by training all staff to answer patient questions regarding patient portals and other tools. The key staff to work with are the front desk staff. Patients are most likely to interact with them and ask them questions about what to expect.

Make the Waiting Room Comfortable

The waiting room is where most people will set and await their appointment with their healthcare provider. However, an uncomfortable and unwelcoming space can always damper the mood and bring down patient satisfaction.

There are small changes you can make to make the waiting room a more inviting space. For example, you can make sure the room looks nice and has colored paint on the walls. Additionally, the inclusion of comfortable spaces to sit can seem more welcoming to patients. The patients would probably also appreciate the availability of charging outlets as they wait.

Document With Sensitivity

With modern healthcare technology, patients have greater access to their documentation and records. As such, they come more into contact with the information their patients add to their files. For example, they may get visit summaries after each visit. When you’re using Kareo, the summaries can be directly sent to the patient portals.

As such, doctors have a greater responsibility to use inclusive and sensitive language. Of course, it is a given that the language used should not be hurtful or derogatory in any way. However, it is also vital to consider that the language is accessible. Instead of using practitioner-focused abbreviations, perhaps it’s time to spell out the information clearly.

Believe Your Patients

The last thing anyone wants is not to be believed. It can be an incredibly isolating and dehumanizing experience. This becomes even worse when it comes from a doctor or healthcare professional. Patients go into their visit trusting that their doctor will listen, understand, and believe them.

It is vital that doctors put in the time to make patients feel that way. It is also extremely important that doctors do not dismiss the information provided by patients. By taking a collaborative approach, you can work to improve patient experience in a cohesive way.

Kareo EMR Review – Can the Software Help Me Improve Patient Experiences?

At the end of the day, after reading through the suggestions in this Kareo EMR review, you might have more questions. To learn more about the software, you can reach out to the vendor to ask for a demo. You can also try reading more Kareo EMR reviews online to see what practices who used the software think.

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