7 fantastic benefits of Lifeguard swimming

1) Latvian influences

Lifeguard Swimming improves the functioning of the heart and circulatory system. As a result, the composition of the blood improves, as well as the development of our respiratory system, the lung capacity increases, and it also positively affects breathing regulation.

2) Joint care life before everything else!

Lifeguard Swimming can also be recommended for people suffering from spinal or joint disorders, or for rehabilitation and rehabilitation purposes. It also plays a major role in the prevention of scoliosis and disc herniation.

3) It really moves the whole body !

Water has 14% more resistance than air, making it much more effective for sports on land. The work of the core muscles is very necessary, in addition, depending on the type of lifeguard swimming, the shoulders, arms, pectoral muscles, thighs, glutes and calves also do serious work. Thanks to swimming, really proportional muscles can be developed.

4) Stress relief — master’s degree

Water in general has a calming effect, scientific research supports that the sound of waves brings us to a deep, relaxed, almost meditative state.

5) Lifeguard Swimming for deep sleep !

While professional swimmers usually train in the morning, we heartily recommend swimming pool lifeguard in the evening for amateurs (especially if the goal is to relieve daily stress). After a hearty swim, it is impossible to have a sleeping problem.

6) Splashing in a lake or sea?

If you are vacationing by the water and want to do some sports there, let’s combine the pleasant with the useful! Sunrise or sunset

Lifeguard swimming offers a special experience. Let’s only venture into the depths according to our water safety and swimming skills!

7) Another ” wet ” option

If swimming itself would be too monotonous for us, we can choose aqua fitness, or (if team sports are close to us) we can also try water polo, and don’t forget the wellness options offered by the lifeguard swimming pools. 10 minutes of pampering in the jacuzzi or sauna is an excellent end to the day.

Do you want to do sports, but you don’t know what to choose? Not really into land sports? If you are not attracted to running , soccer or the gym, then try swimming, you will probably be the runner!

Most people learn to swim in childhood, but if you still can’t, don’t worry, it’s never too late to start! Swimming is a form of exercise that can be learned quickly and easily. Man instinctively strives to stay above the surface of the water, and honing the technique is only a matter of motivation and time.

Why is swimming such a popular sport? It has many advantages, here are some of them:

Benefits of swimming

Swimming engages almost all of the muscles and puts the same amount of stress on the lower and upper body, unlike most land-based sports.

Like running, swimming also belongs to endurance sports, and you can easily increase your stamina and endurance with it.

It contributes greatly to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

We can also improve our respiratory system with it, since swimming makes you regulate your breathing.

It contributes positively to the treatment of diabetes.

It can also be used in case of joint diseases, as it hardly puts any strain on the joints.

The level of osteoporosis can also be reduced with it, it helps prevent bone fractures.

It also has a positive influence on metabolic processes.

It is also suitable for enhancing mental performance, which is why it is worth teaching children to swim at a very young age.

It burns a lot of calories, so lifeguard swimming is also recommended for dieters.

You can find more information in our article on the effects of swimming .

What should I do if I can’t swim yet?

It is never too late to learn to swim, there are many educational opportunities throughout the country, for both children and adults. This ability may be needed in everyday life as well, it is not necessary to set the Olympiad as a goal to be achieved.

Many people who cannot yet swim and are older think that it can only be learned at a young age, but this is not true! They provide many learning opportunities directly for the older age group as well. You can learn to swim without an instructor with the help of an expert, if your goal is just not to drown in the water while on vacation.

What equipment is needed for swimming?

Lifeguard Swimming is a sport that requires appropriate clothing, comfort and functionality should be the main considerations when choosing equipment. A swimming suit or swimming trunks of the ideal size, swimming goggles and a cap – these are the things you should definitely buy before swimming.


A poorly chosen item, such as foggy swimming goggles or a bikini designed for sunbathing on the beach, can easily ruin your sport. In addition to sports shops, nowadays you can easily get swimming equipment online, you can choose from many online stores:

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