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Amazon Presently Sells At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kits

Amazon is currently selling COVID-19 tests for clients to use at home as cases keep on increasing in the U.S.

The DxTerity COVID-19 Saliva at-Home Collection Kit identifies the infection’s presence yet doesn’t confirm immunity or recognize antibodies. DxTerity’s molecular-based PCR test got the endorsement from the Food and Drug Administration a month ago. The test varies from the faster and more affordable antigen tests, which utilize a nasal swab or throat swab to identify the infection.

A single COVID-19 testing unit is recorded for $110, and a 10-pack group is available for $1,000 on Amazon.

Test takers should spit into a tube gave by the unit. The saliva sample is then inserted into a plastic sack and packed once again into the container for shipment to one of DxTerity’s labs certified by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments.

Clients are likewise allowed prepaid express return delivery with the test and ought to get results within 24 to 72 hours of sample receipt at the research facility.

DxTerity’s test is at present the only COVID-19 testing pack on Amazon.

Bob Terbrueggen (founder and CEO of DxTerity) said, “We have demonstrated the reliability and quality of our COVID-19 testing solution with big business and now we want to expand access to customers at home and small businesses”, when he first announced the collaboration with the company last month. “Amazon is the perfect partner for expanding access to millions of U.S. customers.”

The test may not be substantial for all movement purposes since sample collection is unsupervised, as indicated by the item depiction. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests salivation specimens ought to be gathered under supervision.

Amazon joins other retail giants in contributing at-home COVID-19 salivation tests. Costco offers both ordinary and those approved for travel requirements to Hawaii, Bermuda, and some different areas for $129.99 and $139.99, respectively. However, the test has a few dozen one-star reviews, with most complaining about late delivery and poor customer service from supplier AZOVA.

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