Are Kevin Von Erich and Zac Efron related? Family, Wife And Children


Born on May 15, 1957, Adkisson was the backup fullback to Garry Smith while playing football at North Texas State University.

Unfortunately, an injury interrupted his football career and his desire to play in the National Football League. In 1976, Adkisson began competing as Kevin Von Erich, which was the beginning of his glorious wrestling career.

He wrestled for his father’s organization, World Class Championship Wrestling, for most of his career. Kevin was one of the promotion’s biggest stars thanks to his inherent athletic talent and attractiveness.

Von Erich had significant success in the promotion as a singles wrestler as a member of tag teams, frequently taking part in some high-profile feuds. In a sport where practically every wrestler wars high-topped boots, Kevin was well-recognized for competing barefoot. He was frequently sarcastically referred to as “The Barefoot Boy” by World Class announcers on WCCW broadcasts.

Kevin subsequently said in an interview that he never intended to wrestle barefoot, but that one of his fights was interrupted by someone hiding his boots as a prank, and since he couldn’t find them in time, he simply went out barefoot, which later became his trademark.

Contrary to common opinion, he competed in matches throughout his early career while wearing boots. These battles included his first contest against Paul Perschmann, alias Playboy Buddy Rose, and against Superfly Jimmy Snuka. Jimmy, who wrestled barefoot as well, was greatly admired by Kevin, who frequently imitated his soaring body splash from the top rope, known as the Superfly.


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