Strengthening of all important muscle groups:

Swimming is one of the few endurance sports that uses all large muscle groups, unlike jogging or cycling, for example. Swimming is therefore an extremely comprehensive endurance sport. A training effect is achieved in the whole body, especially in the upper body. Arm, torso and leg muscles are equally challenged. Although low muscle tone is required due to the gentle movements, they still bring a lot of strength with lifeguard certification classes.

When you look at professional swimmers, it becomes clear that this type of sport has almost optimal effects on the development of an athletic, aesthetic overall body musculature. It is therefore not necessary to integrate an additional strength training program in addition to swimming.

Hardly any strain on the joints:

One of the great advantages of swimming is that it is a sport that is very easy on the joints. In the water, the body weighs only a tenth of its weight on land. With a body weight of 80 kg, this is reduced to just 8 kg in the water. This means that movements can be carried out almost weightlessly and are therefore particularly gentle on the joints.

Swimming is therefore ideal for people with joint problems. It is no coincidence that a lot of rehabilitation training involves training in the water, since the previously injured joints can be protected in this element and prepare for the stresses outside of the water. However, it is important to ensure correct swimming technique, otherwise joint problems can also occur due to incorrect movement sequences.

Very low risk of injury:

Injuries almost never occur when swimming. Injuries can only be caused by not warming up or by overexertion. It is also important to relax and stretch the shoulder girdle muscles on land to avoid tension in this area. Due to the low risk of injury, swimming is also particularly suitable for beginners who have had little or no sporting affinity. Even people who are overweight can do endurance sports in the water without risk.

The element of water:

Just the presence of the body in the element of water leads to some positive reactions. For example, the temperature of the water, which is usually lower than the temperature of the air, has physiological effects. The human body’s metabolism works at full speed in response to this temperature difference, burning extra calories to protect itself from hypothermia.

In addition, the heart is stimulated to work more economically. Because the blood vessels are squeezed a little by the slightly increased pressure that the water exerts on the body, more blood is pumped to the heart. As a result, fewer heartbeats per minute are needed to supply the muscles with sufficient oxygen.

Positive associations:

For many people, swimming unconsciously immediately awakens associations that are in a positive context. For example, one remembers the last bathing holiday or childhood with summer days in the swimming pool or at the sea. These emotions have a positive effect on motivation and discipline. In addition, the integration of different swimming styles creates variety.

It also releases positive emotions when one is able to incorporate challenging styles like the butterfly style into the training. This is also recommended by experts to set different stress accents. In addition to butterfly, the crawl style, breaststroke and backstroke are particularly common.

What is good for humans is also good for dogs:

from swimming for relaxation and joy to swimming for educational purposes; there are even swimming courses for the rehabilitation of older dogs . Carrying out the rehabilitation exercises in the water significantly shortens the treatment time for the patients: ten minutes of exercise in the water correspond to around 30 minutes on dry land.

Water aerobics are also suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes. It is probably the most recommended aerobic exercise for growing puppies as well as older dogs,including those with bone and joint problems. For example, appropriate flotation jackets and specialized staff who can intervene at any time ensure the safety of the dogs.

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