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Chemical Peel Treatment – Why To Go For It?

Chemical peel treatment is used for irregular pigmentation such as freckles, wrinkles, and age spots.  This is different from Juvederm dermal fillers in that chemical peels do not require any injecting. Only a chemical solution is applied to your face with the help of an applicator.

If you are wondering why you should go for a chemical peel in Charlotte, NC, here are 10 reasons you should. Opting for a chemical peel will:

  • Improve your skin’s texture,
  • Reduce the fine lines
  • Make the skin smoother,
  • Make your skin appear dewy,
  • Increase your skin’s cell turnover rate,
  • Help your skin produce higher collagen,
  • Bring down hyper-pigmentation
  • Clean up acne and pores
  • Will evenly tone your skin.
  • Improve minor scarring.

Who should go for a chemical peel treatment?

Almost anyone can opt for chemical peel treatments if they do not have any serious skin-related condition. If you tend to sores or scars, you should not do it. Pregnant women are also advised not to go for it as no studies have been carried out about the possible effects it may have on them and the unborn babies. If you take antibiotics or have some anti-immune disease like cancer, chemical peels are a no go.

There are different types of peels that are used based on the requirement:

  • Light peels for removing superficial wrinkles
  • Medium peels
  • Deep peels used for severe conditions

Renowned Oral and Facial Surgery centers always carry out a prior consultation before chemical peel treatments. You will be asked about your medical history, conditions, allergies, and even the desired outcome. The oral surgeon will assess each of these before carrying out the treatment.

People With darker skin should be more careful as deep peels may cause some hyper-pigmentation. However, many facial and oral surgery centers carry out skin rejuvenation programs alongside the procedure to reduce this. After the chemical peel is applied, your skin will get more sensitive to sunlight, so it is advised to use sunscreen whenever necessary.

How is a chemical peel treatment done?

Before the chemical peel is applied on the day of treatment, your skin will be cleaned to get rid of all the oil and dirt gathered so that the peel can chemical solution can penetrate the skin properly. You may feel some warmth in the areas on which the solution is applied. This is taken care of manually with an electric fan. You may also have itches or a burning sensation. This is completely normal and will stop once the procedure gets over. If the discomfort continues, let your surgeon know about it.

What to expect after the session?

As your skin will turn more sensitive to the sun after the procedure, it is better not to have your Chemical Peel in Charlotte, NC, during summer or plan for a trip with continuous exposure to the sun, e.g., mountains or beaches.

Then, you will find our skin to be turning dry and tight. The thing about a chemical peel procedure is you will have to peel the dried skin off yourself. The peeling will begin within 3 to 5 days following the procedure. It all depends on the skin of the person and the peel’s depth. You will find cracks occurring in places that will show that they are prepared to be peeled off. Mild itching during such times is normal.

Keep in mind

The chemical peel is certainly stimulating, so you will have to make changes in your daily routine to avoid extra irritation. Try to avoid sweat by any means, as well as excess heat. Avoid saunas or hot tubs. Scrubbing, using AHA or retinol products, is not advised, not for at least 10 days after the procedure.

The skin rejuvenation program provided by many centers offering chemical peel Charlotte, NC, can be carried out at home. The oral surgeons provide this after the consultation.

Chemical peels are a great way to get rid of pores, acne, and other skin marks. However, if you are looking for ways to get rid of saggy skin, for example, double chin, look for such oral and facial surgery centers that offer Dermal Fillers in Charlotte NC.

You will be glad to know that many such centers offer chemical peels and dermal fillers, along with many other oral treatments and facial procedures. So look them up on the internet and book an appointment right away.

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