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Choco Lite Shake For Weight Loss

The same thing happens: after a long and challenging diet for weight loss, get up in front of a mirror, and instead of a thin figure, a dark, ugly belly and loose skin are reflected, hanging with annoying joints on the sides and hips. This situation is known to many skinny people, choosing stressful methods of losing weight. A natural question arises: is it possible to lose weight and, at the same time, keep the muscles tense and the skin elastic? Of course! The best helper in working on your own body will be a choco lite shake for you.

Product Description

Choco Lite is a concentrate of dry protein obtained from products of plant or animal origin. Specialized stores sell several protein mixtures (soy, casein, egg, whey), additionally enriched with vitamins, minerals, appetite suppressants, and particular substances (L-carnitine), speeding up metabolic processes and increasing body performance. There are also complex concentrates in which all types of proteins are present.

When the protein concentrate is dissolved in a liquid (juice, water, milk), a good drinking drink is obtained, which even a person far from cooking can cook. Such cocktails provide active muscle tissue growth, which is trendy among professional athletes and bodybuilders. But how does a miraculous drink help you lose weight? Let’s understand:

  • First, the body expends a lot of energy on protein absorption while burning reserve fats deposited earlier.
  • Secondly, the nutritious cocktail perfectly satisfies hunger, which means that unplanned cleaning of tea with chocolate or glue can be canceled.
  • Third, the vitamins and minerals present in the concentrate constitute a lack of valuable trace elements.

However, the protein shake is not the main “protagonist” of the diet, but only a powerful catalyst for the body’s chemical reactions. It will help only in combination with a balanced diet and regular training to destroy excess fat.

How to take a choco lite shake for weight loss

Doctors and experts in healthy eating recommend taking protein drinks when opening the so-called. The anabolic window is within 15-20 minutes after playing sports. At this moment, the body does not save proteins “in reserve” but spends them on restoring muscle tissue.

Otherwise, it is unnecessary to drink a fabulous cocktail in large portions because no more than 30-40 g of protein is absorbed simultaneously. It is much more reasonable to divide the daily rate by 2-3 times and use the drink strictly according to the schedule:

  • In the morning, instead of breakfast
  • Afternoon for 15-20 minutes after exercise
  • At night 2 hours before bed to kill the feeling of hunger

Capturing a protein shake requires compliance with other, equally important rules:

  1. Should sports be every day? It does not take several hours to sweat on the simulators, a complex of simple cardiovascular exercises (running, aerobic exercise) will be enough.
  2. From the “wrong” high-calorie food, it is desirable to give up or reduce consumption to a minimum. The diet should consist mainly of healthy, easily digestible foods: fresh seasonal vegetables and fruits, lean meat, lean fish, whole grains, and weak soups. The number of main meals a day is 2-3, and snacks replace the intake of protein drinks.
  3. The protein should be taken in one portion in the first two days to assess the body’s response to the new product.
  4. In addition to healthy drinks, it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters of pure non-carbonated water a day, which will remove decomposition products, excess fat, and toxins from the body.
  5. Since the protein shake gradually loses its useful properties during storage. It is necessary to cook it immediately before use and drink it slowly, in small sips.

Pay attention! If your goal is to lose more weight, never drink a protein drink. Otherwise, the effect will be the opposite.

Useful properties and contraindications

With proper consumption, a protein shake has the most beneficial effect on the human body:

  • Provides a feeling of fullness and dull appetite
  • Accelerates metabolic processes
  • Increases the intensity of fat burning
  • Fight against cellulite “orange”
  • Helps develop beautiful relief muscles
  • Energizes all day

However, the miracle drink has some severe flaws that cannot be ignored:

  • Due to uncontrolled consumption of protein concentrate increases the load on the liver.
  • Intake of large amounts of protein in the body can cause kidney disorders and cause stone formation.
  • If you are hypersensitive to milk proteins, you may experience unpleasant symptoms such as diarrhea, increased fetal formation, severe abdominal pain, bloating, etc.

Weight loss is not harmful to health. Take protein drinks only in the recommended amount and, in any case, do not exceed the daily protein intake.

Contraindications to the use of protein are:

  • Lactose allergy (hypolactasia) – only for whey and milk mixtures
  • Renal failure
  • Liver and digestive system diseases in acute and chronic forms
  • Urolithiasis
  • Gout

If you want to use protein blends for professional athletes in the fight against excess weight, consult your doctor before switching to a new type of food, and arrange training with a fitness instructor.

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