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Continue COVID 19 Donation India: The Pandemic hasn’t Passed

The COVID-19 pandemic reared its ugly head in2019 and wrecked the world, hitting us not only health-wise but also socially and economically. Many people have lost jobs and are compelled to resort to expensive treatments as the novel Coronavirus rooted itself into the heart of every state, city, and village. The government is working round the clock to save people’s lives, and it is being supported on every front by individuals and non-government organizations with COVID 19 Donation India.

Where are the COVID-19 donations in India going?

Mainly, donations in the form of cash are being spent on treating people. A US$ 100 donation covers the treatment of at least two patients. It is adequate funds to procure oxygen, medication, essential diet, and hospital bed. Many villages have the nearest hospital 100 kilometers away; in many cases, the nearest hospital does not have a COVID ward and refuses to admit infected patients.

In such remote places, the doctor community sets up medical aid camps to give free treatment to patients. We had witnessed instances of emergency oxygen supply camps being set up when there was acute scarcity during the peak of the second wave.

All these camps were completely free of cost and even ensured the affected patients received nutritious meals to help them recover faster. Additionally, many NGOs also provided services for assisting the patients to be commuted from their homes to the hospital with emergency ambulance services.

Patients who have contracted the viral infection have had severe complications such as lung infections and need additional treatment. Things got worse with the black fungus infection, which has been a challenge of its kind. Other complications have inflated medical bills that low-income families can hardly afford.

Many need financial aid

Many migrant laborers who returned to their villages got infected on the way home. Many laborers working in the service sector, coming in close contact with numerous people daily, have been infected. These people could not afford sanitary measures such as face masks, gloves, or sanitizers.

Where they could, they could not afford to maintain them. It was inevitable for them to get infected. Also, since families with eight to ten individuals live in small rooms, it is difficult to isolate those infected. Many infected individuals face ostracism and prefer to hide their condition.

Hence, a lucrative option of staying at temporary medical camps where they are looked after for the period of isolation. We all saw disturbing pictures in the news of COVID_19 patients sharing beds as hospitals had run out of them. Some NGOs are working dedicatedly towards ensuring that all patients get separate beds, maintaining adequate distance.

These arrangements often require renting large open spaces – to pitch tents for beds, make arrangements for doctors’ clinics, the arena for special care, etc. Even hospitals need aid to carry on their work with COVID-19 patients in the form of donations in cash, medicines, oxygen concentrators or oxygen tanks, PPE kits, sanitizers, and gloves.

Another section that this pandemic and the resulting lockdown have badly hit is the medical students from economically backward backgrounds. These students worked very hard to get admissions into a medical program. Many of them were depending on scholarships to pay their fees, but with the pandemic, programs have been delayed, and even students who could afford fees are now unable to pay for their education.

Now is the time to help poor medical student   

One can help them cover their course fees, donate books, and aid them with medical instruments every medical student must own. Many medical students in their final year and doing their internship have dived headlong into working with COVID-19 patients. These students have not had the luxury to consider what field they would like to do their Master’s and super-specializations in. However, without complaining, but with all the empathy, they are boldly treating their patients with a joyful demeanor.

The world needs good doctors, those who will be willing to lose themselves in the service of humanity. So, if you can, help the poor medical student as we have lost many good doctors to this pandemic.



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