Does Yuli Gurriel Speak English? Native Language, Parents Ethnicity and Family


Yes, Yuli Gurriel is able to speak English properly. He gave his first-ever interview in English in 2019.

There’s no doubt that Gurriel has an improved his communication skills and excellent command of the English language over the years. He came to the United States in 2016 when Houston Astros signed him.

While he could recognize a few key phrases and terms in English then, he struggled to put together coherent thoughts in the language. However, even if he did understand a few words and phrases, his vocabulary was still too limited.

But sports do not need language, they say. The only language an athlete must learn is the winning language. Despite his inability to communicate in English, he and the team speak the same “winning language,” which is what matters.

Yuli Gurriel native language is Spanish, but he is doing his best to learn English.
Yuli Gurriel native language is Spanish, but he is doing his best to learn English. ( Source : chron )

Because of the consistency and commitment he showed, Gurriel developed into one of the most underestimated first basemen in the sport. Moreover, with his extraordinary ability to scoop throws, he consistently comes through with saves for them.

After all those years, Gurriel is still not confident enough to speak and communicate in English. It is sufficient to say that he can have informal discussions in English. But he is still learning. “I love you Houston. Working hard on my English, what do you think?” he tweeted in 2021.

Yuli Gurriel Native Langauge Is Spanish

Born in Cuba, the 38-year-old baseball player’s native language is Spanish. The official language of the Republic of Cuba is Spanish.

Cubans speak a dialect of Spanish that differs from Castilian Spanish; it was introduced to the island nation by Canarian emigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries. Today’s two most common languages on this dynamic island are Cuban, Spanish, and Haitian Creole.

The Tano Indians, who inhabited the Cuban peninsula before the advent of the Spanish, contributed to the development of Spanish in the country. It is funny that Gurriel is earning English from his teammate, and he subsequently teaches them Spanish.



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