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A Fitness calculator could be the best method of making each step of your fitness program more organized and efficient.

PHNN also provides the ability to calculate the body’s type and other measurements of the body and a range of goals for nutrition and supplements and calculators to assist you in living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Pregnancy Calculator

The Pregnancy Calculator can determine a pregnancy timetable using the dates of due, the last date of the period, date of conception, ultrasound, or date of transfer.

Following are the two main pregnancy calculators:

  • Pregnancy due date calculator
  • Pregnancy conception calculator

calculate pregnancy

Free Online Pregnancy Calculator

Ovulation Calculator

The Ovulation Calculator calculates the most likely time for ovulation/fertile windows along with other dates. The estimates are based on the date of the last time a woman had her period. This ovulation calendar will help you to understand the days of your period.

ovulation calendar

 Free Online Ovulation Calculator

Protein Calculator

The Protein Calculator estimates the daily amount of protein adults need to be healthy. Children are very physically active, and nursing mothers typically require greater protein.

This vital protein calculator can also be useful in monitoring the intake of protein for people suffering from liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or other diseases that require protein consumption—an important factor. This protein calculator molecular weight is a helpful measurement tool, especially for bodybuilders.

vital protein calculator

 Free Online Protein Calculator

BMI Calculator

The Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator can be utilized to calculate BMI value and the corresponding weight level while considering age. Use it on the “Metric Units” tab for the International System of Units or the “Other Units” tab to convert units to US or metric units.

It is important to note that the BMI calculator bodybuilding calculates an index called the Ponderal Index and BMI. Bmi calculator kids’ health can be a very helpful measurement for your health routine.

bmi calculator visual

 Free Online BMI Calculator

Calorie Calculator

This Calorie Calculator can calculate the number of calories that a person has to consume daily. This calculator will also give basic guidelines to help you gain and lose pounds. This in n out calorie calculator helps you to understand how many calories your body needs to gain or lose.

in n out calorie calculator

Free Online Calorie Calculator

Ideal Weight Calculator

The Ideal Weight Calculator computes ideal body weight (IBW) ranges based upon height, gender, and age. The idea of determining the IBW with a formula has been sought-after by many experts for quite some time.

There are currently a variety of well-known formulas. Our ideal body weight calculator helps you understand what weight is ideal for your body.

ideal body weight calculator

Free Online Ideal Weight Calculator

Body Fat Calculator

The body fat percentage calculator can be used to calculate the body’s total fat percentage using specific measurements. Make use of it under the “Metric Units” tab if you’re more comfortable with SI. International System of Units (SI).

You need to measure to 1/4 inch closest to (0.5 millimeters) for the best results. Our verywell fit body fat calculator helps you measure how much fat is the best for your body.

body fat percentage calculator

 Free Online Body Fat Calculator

Total Body Water Calculation

The term “body water” is used to describe the quantity of water in the tissues of blood, bones, and other areas of the body. Body water percentages are a part of the total bodily water (TBW). Making sure this number is steady and within acceptable limits is a part of the homeostasis process.

body water percentage calculator

 Free Online Body Water Calculation

The most frequently utilized rough estimation of body fluids is that the average adult body water percentage is around 60% water. Therefore, we can calculate the TBW based on a person’s weight.

However, numerous studies have created gender-specific equations that permit estimates of TBW using more specific data like height and age. With the body water percentage calculator, you can know how much water your body needs.

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