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How Can I Lose 20 Pounds By Using The Best Mini Trampoline?

Hands Down, a mini-trampoline, is one of the cheapest home training facilities you can own and is excellent training.

I’ve also got proof.

I lost about 20 pounds after I had twins using one, so I strongly trusted them. (BTW: My twins are 34 now, and if that tells you something, I already have a mini tramp!)

If you have never tried it, a mini trampoline provides many fantastic training opportunities, especially if you have small children at home.

Let me tell you how a mini tramp I’ve lost weight. I’m going to explain how and everything I did. And while I have long lost this weight, it will continue to motivate you today to lose weight.

Please read my story and then consider if a mini-tramp will help you lose weight as well.

You’re that?

      • Can you make no time for fitness on the back burner?
      • Doesn’t your spending provide a gym membership?
      • Have you little ones who you can’t put up for training? (‘You’re never going to be always fit when you know when you get there!)

That represented me 34 years ago when I had my twins.

We were broken. I had barely any time, much less exercise, to take a shower.

And it was much too challenging to carry the twins, enough to work out. (I mean, I was too tight to find out as soon as I arrived there, LOL.)

So, don’t feel guilty if you feel like this too! For new mothers and moms with small children, this is too normal. It is part of young mothers’ collective sisterhood, and we all share the pain of each other.

My Histories

I always had to shed weight after getting twins (YIKES!).

Heavy, no energy, I’ve been. My baby clothes, I couldn’t wear. I found it challenging to find time to prepare nutritious meals.

I’ve been a dull mess. And I just felt deprived of it. What’s my old body there for?

This light bulb has disappeared

Then one day, in a catalog that came in the mail, I found something odd.

It was a mini-tramp picture. And the bulb in my head went off.

The twins held me so occupied; how can I ever lose my baby’s weight? I say, during nap time, my only free time was.

I knew it might be the reply. I called the 800# and ordered it, right there and there. It was 17 dollars. (It was the 80s, both of you!) It came just a few days from now.

My Step

I could hop and jog while hiring my beloved nap-time shows as Oprah, Youth, and Restless, or General Hospital; I was able to take the tramp in front of the TV, jumping and jogging.

Why I knew it had been to me:

      1. Jogging/walking will be quick.
      2. When twins were napping, I could use it.
      3. As I look at my beloved soap (or Oprah!), I should practice.
      4. Under my canopy bed, I could store it.
      5. It was inexpensive. (In addition to a little delivery tax, I charged 17 bucks.)
      6. What the temperature was outside, it wouldn’t matter.
      7. I don’t need to lug the twins to practice anywhere. (The Way-Hoo!)

(FYI: Back, we called it the world’s bounciest trampoline when I purchased that; today, there are certain people and advertisers who name it rebounders.)

It’s worth a look, particularly if you’re on a tight budget if you’d never consider their benefits!

This piece of home exercising equipment seemed to be ideal for me, between getting no money and no spare time.

Machine Home Exercise vs. Member of Gym

Let me tell you all about why this suited me well to see if you are in the same shoes.

You’re going here:

    • I’ve been young (23).
    • I had twins right now. (It was just a couple of months old.)
    • I had so little spare workout time. (Like, but the afternoon was long.)
    • I haven’t had any storage space. (We had only two little closets and one added in a very old farmhouse.).
    • I needed fast, comfortable, and easy. ( If not,
    • I’ve got to take off some weight. Quick! (I mentioned my motherhood clothes still because they were the comfortable stuff to fit; you know, with the extended waist?).

Now I know why you ask, “Didn’t you have a double coach, and you should walk?’

Wow, we’ve got a two-way scooter. And often, I walked them. But there were no nice walking routes where I lived; the road was busy.

I had to bring them in the car to get uptown if I managed to walk comfortably. This included packing extra paint strips, tubes, more clothing, car seats, etc.

I was before always began to walk! At least not daily. I knew I wouldn’t do it.

And then the weather; in winter, ice was freezing, and in the summer, you could fry an egg on the sidewalk. It was a hot summer. Seriously, It’s in North Carolina like that. In the summer, too, there is extreme moisture.

At least for my case, this appeared to be a better way to work out.

  1. I’ve been stuck.
  2. Here’s what I’ve been doing.
  3. I put it together when the mini-tramp arrived. (Only the legs were screwed onto the frame of the trampoline. Easy-peezy.) Easy-peezy.
  4. When I was using it, I stationed it in our den before my TV. (When I didn’t need it, I eventually store it behind a fence. It was easier than any day to get it out of bed).
  5. After the nap, I jogged almost every day while I saw some of my favorite series. (It had been 30 to 40 minutes sometimes, and an hour sometimes.)

Loved. I’ve been crooked.


I began to be more aware of what I put into my mouth as well. What is the reason? The workout made me want to eat healthier. (I wouldn’t want to waste my workout!)

So, I began to reduce my calories and carbohydrates. And I’ve started to lose weight. I was also improved by the rebounding, particularly in my legs and ass. (It was necessary where I SO!)

This is what I did?

    • 2nd helpings, I didn’t eat.
    • A sandwich and an apple, or a slice of fruit, I always ate. (For weight loss today, I still depend on healthier sandwiches; check out this item.)
    • I ate fewer carbohydrates, and I left out popcorn, cookies, and sweets.
    • I started consuming the food they did not consume from the twin. (I will quickly dump the remaining food into the trash.)
    • I turned the sparkling water and water with lime from all the beverages. (We named it Seltzer Wine, LOL at the time.)

I just made better and healthier decisions, and nearly every day, I hopped on my mini-tramp.

And what are you aware of? It wasn’t that difficult! I was expecting myself back then. More… I have my shows to catch up on.

It helped me get back in my ordinary clothing. It is only by bounce and making better decisions that I think I lost about 20 pounds. My clothes have dropped because my body mass increased, taking up less space;).

Since high school, I haven’t been practicing consistently, and that’s the wellness impetus for me. (I was a longtime personal coach of A.C.E.)

Today’s Fitness

Here’s best: I’ve been using a MIN-TRAMP All! (Wait, a revolver, I mean!)

No, I don’t use the one I purchased back then. I finally released one leg, and I was supposed to purchase a new one.

This is my picture that I now use:

Lose pound

Any of my mini-benefits: tramp’s

    • I can’t fold, but it packs quickly under the bed or behind a lock.
    • It’s light enough to switch between rooms.
    • It’s got security mats.
    • The legs are on, and I can take them out when I need to. (And I used to do that on holiday with us, once!)
    • It was about 20 dollars cheap

Whenever you pick up the glitter, you can bet I will buy one.

Here’s the good news: to make a profit, you don’t need to buy a costly mini tramp.

You can purchase a rebounder of high quality for less than $50. The most costly mini-trampoline does not have to be bought to launch.

Or weight loss. (Forget not… the mine was just 17 dollars!)

Today there are so many options on the market…. many ways than at the time.

Would you want to buy one? Let me give you some advice to help you decide correctly.

Tips for purchasing a rebuyer

Ensure that you receive one appropriate for your height, home, storage, and pocket.

And they hold even for the current rebounder, and I have already shown you the advantages. One last time, I’ll contact them.

Bounding machines are:

    • Easy to use / convenient
    • Shop easy
    • Lightweight
    • It’s cheap
    • Easy to assemble / No special tools are required.
    • Doesn’t Matter, Weather
    • No special abilities are required

So, you would want to check at these features if you are ready to buy one:

    • For faster handling, foldable. (Next time, I’m going to buy a foldable)
    • Light enough to switch from one place to the next, if necessary.
    • Lasting (steel frame construction)
    • Security (equipped with safety pads or maybe even a handrail).
    • Simple mounting (screw-on legs)

And another biggie: pick yourself the best size.

They are between 36 and 50 inches in height.

I think it would be nice to have a little more space. As I said previously, mine is 36 inches.

I’m just 5’3,” so the 36″ isn’t wrong, but I guess I might like some more space next time. Possibly I’m going to have one about 38 to 40 cm.

This would give me a little more space, but it’s small enough to keep and carry quickly under the bunk.

The cool thing, they’re coming in all dimensions (and prices). And some even come with a handrail; you may want to try one with a handrail if you find you need extra stability.

Any of them already have workout groups you can join.

You will find one that will suit your budget and space.

Anybody under 13 years of age is not recommended to use any of these. Before you start any workout regime, please contact your doctor.

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