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How Social Distancing Can Help To Stop Corona Virus

Many people prefer family physicians in uk because of the pandemic. It is a safe option to consider. With an increase in the spread of the Corona Virus, doctors ask people to maintain social distancing. Wearing a mask helps, but you have to keep a distance to stop the spread of the virus. This article will explain social distancing and how it assists in flattening the curve.

What Is Social Distancing?

The literal meaning of social distancing is to maintain a distance between people to stop the spread of disease. With increasing cases of Corona Virus and its variants spreading higher, social distancing is the need of the hour. This pandemic has caused the death of millions of people around the globe. This is a devastating situation, and we have to maintain social distancing to stop the spread of the virus. We all have to keep a distance of at least 6 feet whenever we are a part of a gathering or meeting anyone. Avoid shaking hands, prefer to maintain your distance when standing in queues, work from home instead of offices and avoid social gatherings. Following are some of the important things for social distancing:

  • Wear masks when you are outside.
  • Avoid shaking hands
  • Keep a protected space of 6 feet between you and other people to avoid any kind of contact.
  • Only leave the house when needed; try to stay at your home as much as possible.
  • Avoid going to crowded places such as gyms, movie theaters, parties, and weddings.
  • Wash your hands more often. When you are out, keep a pocket sanitizer with you. It will kill other germs. When you are using soap, remember to wash all the surfaces of your hand. Leave the soap on your hands for 20 seconds. After that, wash them with clean water.


The importance of social distancing is globally accepted. It helps in stopping the spread of the Corona Virus. If the virus has attacked someone and they don’t know it yet, they can spread it. There are many cases where covid-19 is not showing visible symptoms. Even with mild symptoms, a person can spread it to others. But if you are socially distancing, you will be safe from catching the virus.

The coughing and sneezing of the infected person will not reach you if you are standing 6 feet apart. The tiny droplets from the coughing and sneezing are the main source of spreading the virus. Shaking hands can also be a strong source for transferring the virus. The sharing of items in any form with the infected person is a direct threat to your health. The reason why doctors emphasize the significance of social distancing is to stop its spread.

How Does It Flatten The Curve?

When fewer people are getting in contact with each other, the spread will eventually decrease. The curve of the Coronavirus dictates the number of people who are getting infected with covid-19. If people are taking social distancing seriously, the peak of the curve will start to decline. This will flatten the curve. A flat curve means that the cases of Corona Virus are getting less. A flattened curve will also help the doctors in treating other patients as well. We all know that hospitals are working past their capacity to provide their services in this pandemic. It will lift this burden from them as well.

When fewer people get sick, the overall situation will improve as well. Social distancing plays a major role in flattening the curve. It decreases the chances of people getting in contact resulting in fewer cases. When people are standing together or present in a gathering, the infected person can cough and sneeze. The droplets can easily be inhaled by the people present around. These droplets contain the virus and infect you as well. If you are marinating a distance and wearing a mask, it will not happen to you.

How Can You Social Distance At Home?

Many people have this query about how they can maintain social distance when they are at home living with their families. To maintain social distancing at home, you have to start respecting the personal space of everyone. Avoid sharing personal items. The surfaces that are mostly touched, such as the remote of your TV or doorknobs, should be cleaned regularly. Try to limit the number of friends and guests that usually come to your home.

Experts also recommend not to visit your relatives, especially when they are old. They got a weak immune system, and they can easily catch the virus. Cancel your plans of sleepovers, particularly when it comes to children. Instead, keep the sick person in one separate room and do not get in contact. Even after you have recovered, maintain your distance to keep others and yourself safe.

Kids And Social Distancing?

Teach your kids the importance of social distancing. Kids are active, and it can be hard for them to understand the concept of social distancing. Make your kids realize that the germs of the Coronavirus are so tiny that the naked eye cannot see them. Make a habit of wash hands regularly after doing any activity. Teach them to avoid any kind of contact with anyone. Kids can easily catch the virus because their immune system is not that much stronger as compared to adults. You should keep a check and maintain your distance from others. Ask them to play in the house and do not go outside. Do not allow them to have sleepovers or parties at all.

You can register for gp online services to know about social distancing. It is important to maintain a distance between yourself and the people you are interacting with. It helps in protecting you from getting the infection. The droplets from the coughs of an infected person can spread the virus easily. Wearing a mask and avoiding the gathering will help in flattening the curves. Even when you are home, maintain the distance and wash your hands frequently to keep the germs away.

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