Mel Buttle Partner Noran Abaza: 5 Facts To Know About Her


A newborn boy was born a few weeks ago to Mel Buttle and her partner, Noran Abaza. This is the couple’s, first baby.

Despite this, the couple kept their pregnancy and the birth of their first child a secret from the rest of the world until today, when a comedian based in Queensland, Mel Buttle, could not contain her excitement any longer and spilled out all of the beans that the couple had been keeping a secret for the past few weeks.

According to The Courier Mail, on November 1st, the Qweekend writer announced the fantastic news that she had become a mother by posting on social media and including a photo of newly born her baby, who is now seven weeks old.

“Bit of personal news, I’m a mum! As I revealed on KIIS 97.3FM Brisbane this morning, my mrs and I have had our first child.” Buttle captioned her Instagram post that included a photograph of her newborn son. However, she did not want to divulge his identity, so she covered his face with emoji in the shot.

She also broke th news on the morning show of KIIS 97.3FM Brisbane radio. Similarly, the FM radio also publicized the information as a “Huge Announcement” over their social media pages.

Buttle’s spouse Abaza gave birth to their son on September 13th at Ipswich Hospital, with their baby bundle of joy weighing just over 4 kilograms at the delivery time.

The 40-year-old comedian said that she had been hesitant to disclose news of her baby to safeguard the confidentiality of her child. Buttle’s partner is presently on maternity leave. She said Abaza has taken up the ‘night shift’ with the baby while also relishing the challenge of juggling comedy shows and shooting simultaneously.


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