Netsmart EHR Vs Solismed: The Best EMR Choice for you in 2022!

Netsmart EHR is an ARRA-Certified practice management and EHR solution. It is fully integrated and designed to meet the needs of local medical offices. It is a Windows-based software that provides an intuitive, user-friendly solution that is easy to use, simple to understand, and easy for teachers. This software is perfect for all medical practices. It supports a variety of health programs including case management, vaccinations, infectious diseases, family and child health, and many other functions. Solismed is a high-performance practice management system that can be used in small hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, and other facilities. This system also includes patient care management, appointment scheduling, e-prescribing and billing. Solismed can be used to multitask (for example, opening multiple patient visits) or teamwork (such accessing the same patient records from an exam room computer). You have complete control of your patient data.

Netsmart EHR

Netsmart Insight’s cloud based practice management system and electronic health record (EHR), which includes key features such as financial reporting, operational management, case management, and case management are available to public health organizations. They also assist with administrative tasks such as order management, schedule management, dashboard access to patient information, and order administration. This ensures that the system is secure and confidential and conforms to the Public Health Informatics Institute guidelines. Their financial reporting solution allows customers to access claim management, payer information, and accounting services.

Key Features of Netsmart EHR

Family Health

Family and child service organizations should have an integrated care system that encourages resilience through person-centered care. Netsmart’s groundbreaking EHR and services are designed to benefit children and their families. Every technology we create is designed to improve the standard of life for children and their parents. The platform gives care team members throughout the healthcare continuum access to accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible data.

Data Management

This EHR can help medical professionals maximize the potential of their practice. With the help of key performance indicators, they can gain data insights and track, explore, and analyze clinical data. Netsmart also includes Simple LTC, which allows each patient to be viewed separately. This holistic view helps in the achievement of long-term goals by improving care offerings.

Population Health

The final component of Netsmart CareFabric is population health management. This section of Netsmart EHR aims to improve care outcomes by providing value-based services. Physicians can use a powerful health management tool to compile and evaluate clinical, operational, financial, and other data. It allows for timely prevention and helps to determine the risk level.

Netsmart EHR Pricing

Netsmart EHR doesn’t disclose pricing plans, but it does increase with increased users. Subscription models are simple and don’t require special assistance. One can also easily request a customized quote.

Netsmart EHR Demo

Demos are a great way to learn how the software works, and whether or not it is worth your investment. Netsmart also offers a free demo. It is available online.

Netsmart EHR Review

It is easy to use the software the first time. It is simple to follow and easy to understand. It is easy to install this tool. It does not contain all the functionality one might need. Most of the enhancements and improvements will not be of any use to the staff.

Solismed EHR

Solismed is a flexible, all-inclusive and customizable practice management system. It can manage patient care, electronic health records, and billing. You can also host it yourself, which offers high data security and dependability. This is a great solution for small- to medium-sized practices as well as community organizations. The open-source clinic management software is free for five users. However, a premium license must be purchased. Solismed can be used free of charge in smaller clinics but is not an option for larger clinics. It will cost you approximately $500 per user to use it for the rest of your practice. Upgrades are also available at a discounted rate.

Solismed EHR Key Features


Solismed’s interoperability solutions make it easier to increase clinical scalability. This also helps the company’s efficiency. The data is shared with the whole community. There’s also an exchange function at the network level. This makes it easier to communicate with other users in the system.


The intuitive dashboard included with Solismed EMR makes it easy to manage your day. It generates a to-do list to ensure patients are aware of all their responsibilities. It also has a function that alerts users when new messages and calls are made.

Patient Engagement

This solution excels at many things, including increasing patient engagement. It encourages patient participation by giving them full access to their medical records as well as billing bills. The program also facilitates patient communication. Patients will be more involved in their care facilities if they feel they can have an influence on their treatment and can offer suggestions.

Solismed EHR Pricing

Solismed offers a free trial. Three pricing tiers will be available after the free trial. The Basic package starts at $49 per month, while the Professional and Enterprise plans start at $99 and $199 respectively. There is also a $199 setup fee.

Solismed EHR Demo

If a user wishes to test the software, he/she can schedule a free demo. Demos are a great way to get a feel for the software’s features.

Review of Solismed EHR

Online reviews are mixed about the software. Some users say it is user-friendly, while others find it difficult to use.

Our Thoughts

This article provides information that will help potential users choose the right EMR for their practice.

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