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Have you bought a license for your company that you and your employees are not making optimal use of? Perhaps due to a lack of knowledge about all the many options? So don’t hesitate to contact us microsoft 365 services.

Fiks IT is available with training and upskilling for you and your colleagues, so that you get a better work flow and a more efficient workflow. Office 365 is now part of the productivity cloud, which gives you the familiar Office apps, intelligent cloud services, teamwork and a boost to security.


Office 365 for businesses includes all the familiar Microsoft Office programs: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In addition, there is also a wide range of additional tools that can help streamline and strengthen your company’s internal collaboration. With Office 365, it is possible to work anywhere, anytime on all your devices. This means that you can always take your office work with you on the go anywhere in the world.

Another thing about Office 365 that we think is a good move is that Office 365 updates itself automatically, so you and your colleagues always have the latest functions in Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Whether you work online or offline, from a tablet, computer or on a phone, you’re covered.

Do you have a changing number of users of the Office suite? Then Office 365 is the right solution for you. Office 365 has great flexibility, so it is possible to add and remove users and services as needed. It provides maximum value for money, which is a good starting point for success in your business.


Microsoft has collected the products in Office 365 for business in packages. The Office products are found in the Microsoft 365 plans. In addition to all the well-known programs, Office 365 is also combined with the best of the cloud, so you can access your work anywhere and have it saved automatically. You can read more about Microsoft 365 for companies here .

As a Microsoft Partner, Fiks IT is a supplier of Office 365 business packages. We offer to provide setup, support and user administration, whether you work in the cloud, on a computer, tablet or phone. With the right set-up, automation of work processes will provide bonus and full utilization of purchased licenses.


If you need to be able to work with the well-known Office programs on a daily basis, such as Excel, Word, Outlook etc., Office 365 is the obvious choice for your company. With this package, you and your employees are always guaranteed the latest versions, both as apps and as online tools. You no longer risk old versions of the Office programs, and Office 365 can now be used on all devices.

With Office 365, the individual employee naturally also gets Outlook mail, calendar and contacts. Office 365 offers full synchronization between the various devices and between the employees’ information. Regardless of where your colleagues are in the world, you can always book each other for a meeting – and hold it as an audio or video meeting, as long as you are online.


Increase your company’s security with Office 365
Office 365 is the perfect solution for companies that want all the popular Office programs in one solution, but O365 is also for those who do not want to compromise on security in relation to data loss. With Office 365, you get storage space in the cloud and access to 1000 GB of storage space with the program OneDrive for Business . This ensures that if your computer, tablet or a completely third device breaks down, you can simply log in to your Microsoft account from a new device, and then you are up and running again with both mail, contacts, files, etc.


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Exchange Online

  • Microsoft 365 Apps for business
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard

Office 365 – packages

When you choose Office 365, there are different packages to choose from that suit all sizes of companies. Of course, Fiks IT helps you find the Office 365 version that is just right for your company. Data stored in Office 365 is not used for purposes other than providing the service you subscribe to.
Unlike “Google Docs “, Microsoft does NOT scan your mail or your documents, nor does it adapt advertisements according to content. Only you have access to the data and only you control it.

Office 365 allows each user to install the Office programs on up to 5 devices. That is you get a license to use Office on both your laptop, your desktop, your tablet and even your smartphone – these licenses are worth the money!

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Irina Shayk and ex-boyfriend Bradley Cooper continue to fuel reconciliation rumours

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