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Open Bariatric Surgery Vs Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery What’s The Difference?

People do many exercises and act upon diet plans to reduce weight, but they fail for various reasons. So they turn towards surgery for help. 

What To Understand About Bariatric Surgery?

This is not only one surgery but a group of surgical procedures that are extremely helpful when you are trying to lose weight. It is obvious that in the beginning, dieting and exercise are important, but many times having surgery becomes inevitable.

Kinds Of Bariatric Surgery Procedures

When it comes to weight loss with surgical procedures, you mainly have two types of procedures to choose from. One is the traditional open bariatric surgery, and the other is laparoscopic bariatric surgery. Both of these types of surgeries involve using different techniques, and while open bariatric surgery is not too invasive, laparoscopic bariatric surgery is a lot more invasive.

On top of that, the recovery periods of both procedures are also different. This article is for you if you have to choose between open bariatric surgery and laparoscopic bariatric surgery. This article will help you understand how both of these compare to one another, so read on.

Why This Group Of Surgeries Are Performed?

It has to be noted with extreme caution that these surgical procedures are not for normal obese people, but there are criteria by which the surgery is done. In certain medical conditions, dieting and exercising are not possible. These most importantly include;

      • Various heart conditions
      • Type 2 diabetes
      • High blood pressure
      • Liver diseases due to fat
      • Sleep apnea

What Is The Right Procedure For Surgery Performance?

Like any other surgery, this also has some precautions that the patient has to take before the surgery starts. You have to restrict yourself from eating and drinking specific things that could complicate the procedure. Also, certain medications have to be avoided.

      1. If you are going for the traditional Open Bariatric Surgery, then a large incision has to be made so that the fat is totally and the stomach is partially removed, according to the circumstances. After the removal, the surgeon and the team will stitch it up.
      2. The other technique that professional Long Island laparoscopic doctors will use is making a small incision through which a tiny camera is instead attached to a tube. Through this tube, small-sized surgical instruments are taken to the stomach, and the surgery is done.
      3. The recovery time duration of the traditional surgical procedure takes more because the incision is large, and the stomach’s healing should be complete.
      4. But with new weight loss surgery options like Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery, the time for recovery is much less.

How Much Cost To Spent Should Be Expected?

Many individuals think that if they keep the cash for the surgery, then they are free from worry. But this is not the case because along with the surgery, the patients have to keep an amount for post-surgery care, intake of a special diet, and other post-operation expenditures.

Sometimes patients pay the entire cost of the surgery by themselves. But others can’t afford it, but their insurance covers the majority of the expenses.

How Do Open Vs Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery Procedures Differ in Long Island?

Here in Long Island, surgeons use different incisions and surgical techniques between Open and Laparoscopic bariatric surgery. While laparoscopic weight loss surgery is a much more modern procedure, open weight loss surgery involves more traditional surgical practices. The incision made during open bariatric surgery is between 3 to 6 inches long; on the other hand, laparoscopic bariatric surgery requires between 1 and 6 small incisions that are around 5 mm in length.

The most significant procedural difference between both types of bariatric surgeries is how the actual process takes place. For open bariatric surgery, the surgeon will open up the belly and operate on your stomach to adjust its route. On the other hand, laparoscopic bariatric surgery requires surgeons to insert an instrument called a laparoscope with a camera attached.

Attached to the laparoscope, this camera projects images of the patient’s stomach to an external monitor. Then other surgical instruments are inserted through the incisions to perform the procedure on your stomach. The procedure is performed solely through the laparoscope’s visual information, and the surgeon doesn’t directly see your stomach. Once the procedure is done, the laparoscope and the surgical instruments are removed.

At the end of both procedures, your surgeon will use sutures to close the wound.

What Are The Benefits Of Laparoscopic Bariatric Surgery?   

Apart from being less invasive, laparoscopic bariatric surgery is usually the preferred weight loss procedure. Some key benefits of it are:

      • A laparoscopic weight loss procedure is less traumatic to your body tissues, and since fewer tissues get damaged during the procedure, there is low blood loss.
      • Laparoscopic weight loss surgery is usually less painful than open weight loss surgery when the anesthetics wear off.
      • If you get laparoscopic bariatric surgery done, you will have to spend less time recovering, and you can get back to your routine life within two to three weeks.

Benefits Of Open Bariatric Surgery

There are certain situations when a reputed bariatric surgical center such as LI Obesity Surgery and its surgeons recommend open bariatric surgery to specific patients. That is because open bariatric surgery has the following benefits:

      • It can be done on patients with extremely high body mass indexes because, in such patients, laparoscopic procedures can not provide a clear view of the surgical area due to too much fat.
      • If a patient has a lot of scar tissue on their abdomen, it might make it difficult to perform laparoscopic surgery, and open bariatric surgery is the only option.
      • Open bariatric surgery can be performed even when certain health conditions don’t allow surgeons to perform laparoscopic weight loss surgery.

Here in long island and all around the US, bariatric surgery has become relatively safe over the years. You can ask Long Island laparoscopic doctors if open bariatric surgery or laparoscopic bariatric would suit your individual needs.

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