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Should College Students Be Required To Get The COVID-19 Vaccine?

The coronavirus pandemic is still going on with its full capacity and pace. This has put stakes on many professionals, leaving them in a dilemma regarding when to return to their work. Some of these professionals include educators, students, and many others. However, the immense fear is getting contracted with the COVID infection. So, to get vaccinated or to not, the question still hangs in between. While it is a mandatory process for some countries, others have the liberty to get the vaccination as per their personal preference.

Many nations have developed their home-grown vaccines. They have also started the vaccination process. This is to make life as normal as possible and as fast as possible. We have already been born the negative impact of the pandemic virus. There is no single field of work or expertise which has not been left untouched by the pandemic.

Should Vaccination Be A Mandated Process?

Studies have also been affected for almost a year now. There is a significant concern in authorities to get the students back to school and colleges. This is to compensate for the academic loss born within the last year. However, the question remains, will students catch the infection in schools?

So, should many states make the vaccination process a mandate for college students? Should these measures be taken to safeguard the best interest of the population? Should governments around the world take significant steps to ensure the safety of its nation?

When the vaccine is available, the states hold the ultimate power to execute the plan as they please. This means getting the students vaccinated before they go back to attending their educational institutes with full throttle.

This might not be applicable as per the individual rights, as the students might not be able to opt-out of the vaccination program. In totality, this whole forced down thing will eventually act in the best interest of the students. This will protect not only them but also their counterparts with whom they will be in direct contact.

Thus, state leaders are already planning a better and elaborate approach for school and college students. The vaccination program should be a mandate, even with the risk of side-effects as something is better than nothing at all. Thus, it will help in reducing the overall threat of exposure for children in an effective manner.

Challenges That Will Follow The Process

Regarding the common concerns and grounds, it is somehow mandated for the students to get vaccinated before attending colleges and universities. Let us be clear that COVID infection has the same gravity for any age group of population. So, it becomes imperative to take extreme measures when it comes to promoting safety for our kind. This will also help promote a safe learning environment for teachers and educators who have been struggling with the same intensity as the students during these challenging times.

As the recently developed vaccines have not shown any positive signs for younger generations, the speculations remain on their effectiveness. So, the question arises for how long it will be able to protect the students. From some public health experts’ perspective, the recent vaccine is still a safer option than no vaccine at all.

Although getting the parents and the children consent will always be a concerning struggle and roadblock, ineffective vaccine administration. Many parents feel strongly and advocate for vaccination to be done for their kin. However, with this new infection and new vaccination, the parents might ponder some hesitancy to get their kids vaccinated. They might not be in favour of inoculating their children with something they do not trust upon, with all their heart and consent.

In a way, their reluctance is not altogether unreasonable. When a new vaccine or medicine is launched, people fear its efficacy. They tend to give it some time before taking the same. In the typical case scenario, the scientist also offers a lot of time for testing before giving the human population dosage.

How Will Educational Institutions Resume This Pandemic?

In a nutshell, schools and colleges will have to follow the mitigation efforts to ensure infection control spread. This includes taking precautionary and practical measures such as wearing masks, social distancing, using sanitization effectively and regularly, temperature screening, etc.

This can also be regulated with the help of getting the teachers vaccinated against the infectious spread. This will also help control the community spread amongst the college students. The organizations and authorities have to keep in mind that college students can also act as a potential career for others.

Educating both academic institutions and the families of students becomes quite helpful and, at the same time, imperative as well. Public healthcare systems also play a vital role in educating and spreading awareness amongst the common masses.

Public healthcare systems can also use standard portals and online applications to keep the infectious spread right. The statistical data can be updated dully in the application, which can be used by the teachers as an inference and base document.

What Will Future College Look Like With COVID Around?

The process of getting vaccinated can not be considered as the only and immediate solution. However, it can get eager students one step closer to attending college. Apart from students, it will also take some time for the educational institutes to get back to the old routine.

Almost all student support services such as admission essay help and assignment and placement assistance are now available online. With a wide range of resources being regularly added to the university websites, students can easily find college homework help by browsing their websites. Making things accessible for the students but safety is an enormous challenge for organizational institutes.

This transition and the navigational process will not be as smooth as anticipated. Suppose students want to go back to a regular study routine. In that case, universities have to take some schematic and dedicated measures to promote their safety.

We are still struggling with this monster of a pandemic, and not all have recovered. Safety should be the priority, and the same should be promoted with full throttle. Students make up for the future and should be guaranteed all sorts of required support and assistance.


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