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What are the Best Spas to Lose Weight around the World in 2022?

If losing weight while focusing on fitness is a significant objective for you, look into one of these fantastic spas. From Europe to more exotic locations within Bali and South Africa. In this article, we will tell you about the top weight loss spas in 2022 so that you can plan the best loss weight spa vacation.

Best Weight Loss Spa In The World

Spa Country
Euphoria Retreat Greece
The Marbella Club Spain
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Switzerland
Clinique La Prairie Switzerland
Six Senses Kaplankaya Turkey
L’Albereta Italy
Preidlhof Italy
Palace Merano, Espace Henri Chenot Italy
Lefay Italy
SHA Wellness Clinic Spain
Villa Stephanie Germany
Lanserhof Tegernsee Germany
VivaMayr Austria
Parkhotel Igls Austria
Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof Austria
Epic Sana Portuga
Absolute Sanctuary Thailand
Kamalaya Thailand
Chiva-Som Thailand
Como Shambala Estate Bali
Golden Door California
Rancho La Puerta Mexico
Sante Wellness Retreat South Africa

Euphoria Retreat

In the year it was opened, the resort located in the Peloponnese was ranked among Europe’s best spas, competing with the long-running big-hitters like Thailand in Thailand and India. The guests are served a customized diet plan designed by a nutritionist. They can explore everything from rooftop yoga morning hikes to church tours on the hills.

 The Marbella Club

The glitzy seaside hotel boasts an impressive six decades of expertise in altering people’s minds and bodies. The hotel was once a trendy place to hang out for off-duty Hollywood stars.

The hotel is now focused on wellness with super-healthy meals that are overseen by a nutritionist in the hotel, as well as a wide range of fitness classes available.

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Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

The spa is a grand dame with an on-hand doctor for sports that athletes of the highest caliber swear by as well as a 70-strong group of experts who can guide you on the most effective plan to help you shed some weight.

Clinique La Prairie

It’s easy to stick to a healthy diet at Switzerland’s Clinique La Prairie, with 100-calorie snacks available and a nutritionist-approved menu served by waiters in white coats. You can also book an appointment for CoolSculpting, which freezes fat cells, skin peeling, and laser Resurfacing.

 Six Senses Kaplankaya

The most professional Six Senses outpost anywhere globally is located in Bodrum in Turkey, where nutrition plays an integral role in any stay. You can choose to follow the three, five, or seven-day course, which is based on intermittent fasting but don’t forget to taste fresh local fish along with local vino.


In this ferocious Italian detox retreat high within the forest, guests will be able to experience everything from a 24-hour soup fast to cryolipolysis (the removal of fat tissue by freezing to remove fat cells) to make you feel slim fast.


For those who don’t feel enthusiastic about the idea of a cleanse like the Mayr one, this Italian spa offers la dolce vita with a twist: smaller portions, alkaline-based foods, and a reduction in salt, sugar, or animal fat.

Palace Merano, Espace Henri Chenot

The sparkling Espace Henri Chenot offers an ideal place to begin an ongoing and sometimes life-saving knowledge of how to take care of yourself.

It is believed that the Chenot method is based on the elimination of toxins via Cupping Massages, Mud Therapy as well hydro-aromatherapy spa baths, and an eating regimen consisting of the most delicate, tiny bites of food.


The food menu at this intelligent and serious spa located on Lake Garda is based on local products. The guests undergo a complete detox program. Foods are alkaline, lactose-free, and gluten-free; however, they are not taste-free. This can be followed by Pilates class or even an early-morning run to help you feel in the best shape of your life.

SHA Wellness Clinic

A mix of West-East-East strategies to wellness (where you’ll be primarily on fruits, vegetables, and whole grains throughout your time there) This clever Spanish spa does not just focus on weight loss but also provides an overall sense of health.

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Villa Stephanie

The Kings Way program, created by Dr. Harry Konig, is why most people are looking to shed some pounds on Villa Stephanie. Dr. Konig has many years of working on changing bad eating habits. His nine-day program includes the 91 treatment options to help you get in top shape.

Lanserhof Tegernsee

The spa that brought its Mayr Method (a cleanse program that has a cult following) to the top of luxury, Lanserhof Tegernsee, features all the elements that are recognizable from the Mayr Retreat (no raw food after 4 in the afternoon and the importance of chewing your food until it melts) with a cutting-edge and minimalistic location.


A stay of seven to ten days in this relaxing Austrian spa includes oil-pulling mud wraps and nasal reflexology. They are meant to ease your digestion. The weight loss will be more of a side effect than the main reason for your stay.

Parkhotel Igls

The first check-up with any of the four doctors on site at Parkhotel Igls will establish the treatment you receive throughout your time at the hotel.

Though all diets are based on an approach known as the Modern Mayr Method, it’s not just your meticulously-controlled meals throughout your stay which aim to change your relationship with food. You’ll be left with a new Lifestyle folder packed with details to aid you in applying the methodology in your daily life.

Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof

Are you unable to make a trip to India to get a fresh start? This hotel located in the snowy Alps uses European Ayurveda. Patients are evaluated to find out their body kind, made from three distinct doshas (energies). The results will determine the best detox program treatments, therapies, and treatments.

Epic Sana

The Algarve hotel offers a beachfront location that’s hot and convenient to home, offering a range of wellness programs. You can sign up for an exercise class for your very first look at the sandy beach might be as you walk along with the 149 steps on the wooden boardwalk leading towards Falesia beach.

There are also circuits – burpees on the lawn dip in the triceps on tennis courts, presses on the tires by the pool for the family – and mountain bicycle rides through pine forests and along red-soil cliffs to Vilamoura Marina.

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Absolute Sanctuary

Absolute Sanctuary has plenty to offer: Located on a Thai island and is considered one of the top spas for yoga around the globe. Additionally, it’s also extremely cost-effective.

The weight loss program is simple, and the Love Kitchen whips up varied healthy yet nutritious meals as well as fresh smoothies to keep you satiated throughout the daytime. If you’re looking for something more challenging, you can go your complete fast and live solely in coconut water. Your choice is yours.


This groundbreaking Thai spa offers an Indian-inspired ashram with an exotic twist. Explore Pilates Yoga, yoga, and individual stretching sessions to feel healthy and supple. You can also be sure that the nutritious dishes prepared by chef Kai Mueller will help you to look your best, too.


After undergoing a major overhaul, the spa that is a legend is back to its peak for the year 2019. Its fitness facility has also been enlarged, and a functional studio (packed with the latest equipment to gauge the strength of your muscles and your mobility) is now available.

The meals you eat add up to 1200 calories per day, so losing weight is inevitable, but do not feel restricted: indulge in chocolate buckwheat pancakes and seabass served with citrus sauce.

Como Shambala Estate

In the middle of The Balinese rainforest, this sleek spa provides only four options and requires a minimum of three nights’ stay to ensure guests who check-in are conscious of their health.

The meals are given an overhaul from the vegan and raw ethos that existed just a few years ago. Organically raised meat is now readily available, as are the dishes. You’ll still lose weight.

Golden Door

In what is possibly the most famous wellness center in the Americas (if it’s not elsewhere within the globe), clients have been coming for a complete refresh since 1950.

Join the many high-profile patrons (from Elizabeth Taylor to Oprah) who have come to the spa to attend a Bootcamp that has an edge: beneath all the yoga, and personal coaching are available in other places, you’ll be surrounded by (mainly female) athletes who are dedicated to changing their lives.

Rancho La Puerta

The oldest spa destination in North America, which opened to visitors in 1940 (you were required to be able to take your tent), is perfect for the action-loving. Morning hikes begin early in the morning, then energy healing sessions that help to reset the nervous system of central nerves.

The food is nutritious but plentiful, and dinners are four-course meals. To keep you on track, there’s no meat or chicken, and the menus limit refined sugars and focus on low-calorie carbs that burn slowly.

Sante Wellness Retreat

Are you the first to experience a resort spa located in Africa? The spa has 18 treatment rooms where you can register for each weight loss option available during the duration of your stay. You can opt for a 14-day detox program to experience a powerful and intense reset.

The entire program is supported by cutting-edge bioenergy healing that uses electromagnetic waves to alleviate negative patterns causing distress in your body.

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