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What is Isolation or Quarantine?

Various steps have been taken around the world to prevent Coronavirus infection. People are being forced to do isolation or quarantine. In the Corona Virus time, the administration has locked down the whole country to restrict or stop the movement in every country.

In this Corona Virus situation, every government has decided to close various offices and educational institutions. Isolation is an important way to prevent this Corona Virus! Isolation means social distance; isolation, quarantine is heard repeatedly in the prevention of Corona Virus, isn’t it? Let us know today what isolation is when it is necessary to be in isolation and keep people safe from Corona Virus?

How Much Important Isolation to Protect from Corona Virus?

We know that for Covid-19, Corona Virus is highly contagious. If a person shows signs of Corona Virus and tests positive for Covid-19, they are sent to formal or institutional isolation. If the Corona Virus attacks anyone, then the duration is 14 days. You have to be in Isolation, so this time the patient has to stay in the hospital, which hospital is under the supervision or isolation or quarantine of doctors and nurses. Doctors and nurses also have to wear special clothing or PPE to protect themselves.

During this Corona Virus time, the patient is given some special treatment (like Extra Oxygen, Extra Care) in a separate room. If he has difficulty breathing, then oxygen is provided to them. He is given some drugs that help boost the body’s immune system to protects from the coronavirus. The virus gradually establishes itself in the human body of the carrier for the fight with Coronavirus. In most cases, the virus victim’s body makes antibodies automatically to the disease on its own, and the patient begins to recover automatically!

In many cases, he may need special treatment in the ICU or Separate room, or intensive care unit. However, they must be physically separated from his family until they recover completely. Corona virus-positive individuals need to be in institutional isolation or quarantine to monitor their physical symptoms and receive proper care.

What is the difference between quarantine and isolation?

Quarantine is a way to prevent its (coronavirus) symptoms from appearing with people who are at risk! Isolation and quarantine are two different words. As soon as it’s (coronavirus) enters the human body, its (Coronavirus) symptoms do not appear. Because it is dormant in him, he does not realize that he is infected with this coronavirus! But at this point, they can infect others as well.

Therefore, after visiting the affected country of Corona or interacting with the suspected patient, the person is instructed to stay in quarantine. Here to the time limit is 14 days. In this time you have to avoid to go out and socialize during this time. Hygiene is to comply with that!

What should be done at this time?

Since the virus is spreading very fast, you should eat foods that boost your immunity at this time. Also, at this time, you should always be clean and keep an eye on the fever forever. As many of us know, vitamin C enhances the body’s resistance to disease.

Try to eat lemon, tomato, garlic, malt, berry, capsicum, etc., on the food list. And you have to go to an experienced doctor as soon as you see the symptoms. In case of cough and fever, keeping a safe distance from everyone in the family, using separate rooms and utensils, keeping oneself in the same room for a while is an effective way to prevent this virus! While in isolation, the patient will advise the affected person (Corona Virus Affected) on which medications to take.

How does isolation protect people from the coronavirus?

Many of us know that the coronavirus can enter the human body only with inhalation. It means that if someone in the vicinity sneezes or coughs or puts his hand in the mouth after touching a place infected with the virus, it can enter the body. Symptoms include body aches, sore throats, and shortness of breath with cough and fever. But before that, he was carrying the virus, and he was infecting others through social media. It is how the coronavirus is transmitted and spread in the form of epidemics.

If you have these symptoms, stay in quarantine. And as soon as the virus is detected, it is necessary to go for isolation or quarantine according to the advice of an experienced doctor. It will prevent you from spreading the virus to other affected people and getting the proper treatment according to your physical condition. And this is how you can survive from Corona Virus and protect your loved people. All we have to do now is cut off all contact with the outside world to protect ourselves from the virus!

Then, the basic or general information about isolation or quarantine became known. Be careful in this pandemic situation not to panic at this time. In the infected time, eat more vitamin C type foods and keep your hands clean all the time. Many corona virus-infected people have recovered and returned to normal life. Know, understand about Corona Virus and make the right decision in time.

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