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What Is the Best Exercise to Get Fit?

According to the experts, there is no strategy to make yourself fit. With the best fitness routine, you can get your desired output. It doesn’t need daily work out; it just requires smart work. For the fitness routine, experts agreed that not all exercises make you fit and active and are not equal. Some efficient target muscle workout, which is suitable for a vast variety of fitness levels. As workouts help you to burn calories more efficiently and also improve your skin.

The Best Exercise for Overall Fitness

Some of the best exercise for overall fitness are listed below:


The best routines compiled by experts and fitness guides are to walk in daily routines. It is the best exercise for cardiovascular fitness that helps the heart for proper functioning, and calories burning. Which also improves your skin, and good for the oily type of skin. Some people use soap for oily skin but you can reduce oiliness on skin, doing proper morning and evening walks. Walking is the easiest way to gain physical fitness with no equipment and with no time. It’s not only applicable to beginners but can be a good workout for fit ones. An expert in fitness says that doing a brisk walk can burn up to 500 calories per hour.


For a well-rounded fitness routine, challenging your balance is a crucial part. Lunges are just like to promote movements of functional muscles, and also increase the strength of your legs and glutes.

Lunges are to stand with your shoulder-width apart and down the arms at your sides. Bend your right knee and take a step forward, and stop when your thigh becomes parallel to the ground. Make it confirm that your right knee doesn’t extend past the right foot. Push up off your right foot and back to the initial one. Repeat with your other side, it is one rep. Make 10 reps at least of 3 sets.


Push-ups are one of the basic and foremost effective routines for the fitness of your body. It is easy to perform to make your desired body fitness by taking your body weight on your arms.

Make a plank position, tighten your core. Pull down and back, and leave your neck neutral. Start to bend your elbows and make your body down to the ground. Try to make your elbows closer to the body during the workout. Complete 3 sets or as many as you can.


Squats are one of the basic and important ways to increase your lower body and strengthen your core, as well as beneficial for your lower back and hips. It makes your body fit and strengthened as they engage the largest muscles in the body. It also burns calories.

Initiate by standing straight, wider your feet than the shoulder-width apart. Bring your arms at your sides, keeping your chest and chin up and brace your core. Make a position like you are going to sit on a chair by bending your knees and push up your hips.

Make sure that your knees are dropped down to the floor until your thighs are bent. Bring your arms in front of you in a relaxing manner. Stop for a moment, then extend your legs and do it again from the starting. Complete 20 reps of about 3 sets. 

Overhead dumbbell presses by standing

Compound exercises are perfect for busy workers as they join different joints and muscles. A standing overhead press is not the best exercise just it also engages the core and upper back. It requires only 10-pounds dumbbells.

Take light ones for the beginning, and start by standing. Bring the weights overhead to make your upper arms parallel to the ground. With the extended arms start to push up over your head, keep your neck and head stationary.

Take some little pause, bend your elbows, and down your weight back by making your triceps muscles parallel to the floor.  It is also recommended by the fitness experts, make 12 reps of 3 sets.

Single-leg deadlifts

It is another exercise to challenge your fitness. Single-leg deadlifts need leg strength and stability. Take a light to moderate dumbbell to do this fitness routine exercise.

Start standing with a light dumbbell in your right hand by slightly bent knees. Hinging at your hips, start to position your left leg back behind you by lowering the dumbbell down towards the ground.

Make a left leg to reach your comfortable height, start back to your initial position involuntary action. By squeezing your right glutes, ensure your position stays towards the ground.

Repeat 10-12 reps and repeat the reps on the left leg.


Another best exercise to maintain the body fit and physically strengthen. A super effective whole-body joining exercise, burpees provide great bang for your buck for muscle strength.

Take a standing position upright with your feet shoulder-width apart by making your arms down at your side. Start to squat down, and make your hands touch the ground. Pop your legs straight back like a push-up position.

Jump your feet up to your palms by hinging at the waist. Make your feet closer to your hands. Stand up flat and take your arms above your head and do a jump. It is one rep, make 10 of 3 sets as a beginner.

Side planks

A healthy body requires a strong core as its fundamental. Like side planks, you cannot ignore core-specific exercises in your health maintaining routine. It needs a mind-muscle connection and voluntary movement. By doing side planks, you can achieve your desired body fitness.

Lie in your right direction with your left leg and foot stacked on top of your right leg and foot. Placing your right forearm on the ground, prop your upper body up.

Make your body straight forming a line parallel to the ground. Do it again from the start and repeat it 10 to 15 times.

Happy Fitness!

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