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What is the Jolie Gene Test? A Breakthrough in Medicine Alter Cancer Treatment

Jolie Gene test

The need for preventive surgery for women could become a thing in the past. When doctors were able to utilize the latest test to determine who is most at risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer.

American scientists might have discovered an innovative method to revolutionize women’s cancer treatment. This is all due to Angelina Jolie. Scientists have created a brand new “Jolie gene” test to identify women at the highest chance of developing breast or ovarian cancer. This would result in a quick test rather than surgery to prevent cancer development for women from all over the world.

The test is named in honor of the actress who won awards and brought the mutated BRCA1 gene. It can cause cancer to the public’s attention in 2013. Cancer is a particularly fatal disease for women’s health, as discussed before. Their finances are due to the way insurance policies are constructed. Many celebrities have shared their battle with cancer through the years, such as Miranda McKeon, who underwent a mastectomy in November 2021.

The study of the Jolie gene’ was carried out by Dr. Beth Karlan, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, who was also caring for the mother of actress Jolie, Marcheline Bertrand. “Having cared for Angelina Jolie’s mother, I just wanted Angelina to be around to see her children grow up,” she explained about the research. Naturally, this research isn’t finished, and it may be some time before women can receive a Jolie genetic test; however, the latest research breakthrough offers an opportunity to be optimistic.

What’s the Jolie test for Jolie’s genes?

The mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes hinder your body’s capacity to heal DNA-related damage. Which significantly increases the chance of developing cancer. Due to these mutations, women’s chances to develop ovarian cancer increase from two percent to as high as 60% and go from 12.5 percent to as high as 90% in the case of breast cancer. So far, the only method to prevent getting cancer was to undergo preventive surgery, just like Jolie did one decade back.

However, by testing the Jolie genetic test, physicians will be able to determine if mutations are present within the cells. Thus showing if the person is most at risk of developing cancer. It is the first thing to discover how mutations develop. Moreover, this is exactly the process Karlan, along with her group, has been able to do. They created mini fallopian tubes with cells taken from the blood of women with cancer. They then monitored the progression and growth of cancer within their laboratory.

Next is to develop fallopian tubes in the laboratory by taking women with the mutation but haven’t yet been diagnosed with cancer. This will enable researchers to discover what is causing the mutation that can lead to cancer. This will enable researchers to design therapies or treatments that precisely target the defective genes. It may even stop the cancer-causing genes in the beginning.

It could aid women such as Angelina Jolie to make very important choices or result in treatments. That can inhibit cells or proteins that can cause ovarian cancer.” said the researcher Dr. Clive Svendsen, from the American-based Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors Regenerative Medicine Institute, who is the study’s co-leader. 

In the future, the test will be able to identify if a woman is carrying an infected BRCA1 gene. Therefore is more likely to develop cancer and be prescribed medication to prevent cancer development. The procedure would stop millions of preventive surgeries and allow women to remain employed without worries regarding their overall health.

Source: Meaww News

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