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Why Should You Smoke Hemp?

Here are the reasons why you should smoke hemp.

Hemp has been used for centuries for various uses, including making resources, providing nourishment, and medicinal reasons. The early use of hemp dates back to around 500 BC when hemp fiber was used to make clothing, rope, and more.

Even in the United States, hemp was a significant part of early colonist ways of life. During the early 1600s, some colonies’ farms were required to grow hemp to operate.

In the 20th century, hemp and cannabis were made illegal, and for many years people were denied the ability to utilize the valuable resource that is hemp. In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed. It legalized hemp on a federal level in the United States, allowing for the sale and consumption of hemp products as long as they have 0.3% or less of Delta 9 THC.

Since then, the popularity of hemp has grown astronomically, and an estimated 1 in 7 adults use a cannabinoid-based product derived from hemp to support their health and wellness.

There are numerous products available to try, including hemp smokables. Hemp smokables are one of the first ways humans found that hemp could benefit the body, and there are many advantages and benefits when smoking whole hemp flower. Let’s dive into the first tried and true way our ancestors used hemp and how it can benefit us today.

What is smokable hemp?

Not all parts of the hemp plant can be smoked. Only the flowers and sugar leaves hold cannabinoids that can benefit the body when smoked. Smokable hemp is the result of drying and curing a mature hemp plant’s sugar leaves and flowers, which are often ground down to smoke easily.

What are the benefits of smoking hemp?

Smoking hemp has an array of benefits for those who consume it. By smoking whole hemp flower, the body gets many cannabinoids and terpenes that benefit numerous body parts.

Additionally, when we smoke whole hemp flower, we experience the entourage effect. This is a phenomenon whereby compounds are taken together and work synergistically to boost the overall effects of their parts. This means that though a CBD tincture may bring benefits when the whole hemp flower is inhaled, it boosts the effects of the CBD and so much more within the hemp flower, delivering more benefits to the body.

Cannabinoids have been shown in research to deliver many therapeutic benefits. When smoking whole hemp flower, we consume CBD, CBG, CBN, and much more! Here are a few of the many benefits whole hemp flower contains:

Reduces anxiety and depression

The hemp flower is excellent for mood support and is known to interact with the body’s serotonin receptors, helping to reduce anxiety and depression and boost our moods.

Gastrointestinal support

Hemp can help reduce nausea and vomiting, helping with various gastrointestinal disorders.

Aids with Sleep

Some hemp flowers are great for sleep. A high CBN strain has been shown to help patients with insomnia.


Hemp helps to reduce inflammation and pain in the body, making it an excellent therapy for those with chronic pain conditions.

Relaxes muscles

Cannabinoids help to relax muscles and are a great tool to help combat muscle spasms.

Smoking Cessation

Studies have found smoking hemp flower offers a smoking alternative and helps those who wish to quit traditional cigarettes, which contain tobacco and nicotine.

Additionally, when we smoke whole hemp flower, there are terpenes present. The types of terpenes present depend on the strain and change the flavor and smell of the flower, along with delivering different effects.

For example, a lemon strain has limonene, making it uplifting and great for mood support while adding a pleasant citrus flavor and aroma to the flower. A more peppery strain would be ideal for nighttime use and body relaxation. Terpenes are a great way to experience different effects from hemp and allow one to choose the experience they desire from their hemp smokables.

How can you smoke hemp flower?

Smoking hemp flower is trendy amongst consumers due to its fast onset. Inhaling cannabinoids bypasses the first pass metabolism and allows for the fastest route of administration of cannabinoids compared to all other routes of administration, including orally ingested cannabinoids such as tinctures.

There are many ways to smoke hemp. Here are some of the most common ways to smoke hemp flower:


Prerolls are typically up to one gram of flower in a cone-shaped smoking paper with a crutch. They are great for patients who may need a hefty dose of cannabinoids in one sitting for relief. They are also easy and convenient to take to a smoking session and share with a friend.

Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp cigarettes are a discreet way to consume hemp. They are hemp flowers filled into a cigarette-style tube with a filter. They are the ideal choice for those using hemp smokables to quit traditional tobacco cigarettes.


Hemp can come with various infusions, including botanicals, terpenes, and isolates. These infusions can boost the benefits and potency of the flower and enhance the flavor and aroma.

Whole Flower

The whole hemp flower can be ground up and put into a pipe to be smoked. It is ideal for those who use smaller quantities.

No matter what method you choose to smoke hemp, it will deliver many benefits to the body. It is best to experiment with different strains and take note of the effects, and in time you will learn precisely what your body needs to help you live the best life you can with the help of cannabinoids. 

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